Project Update – June 2020

Project Delays due to Covid-19

Like everywhere in New Zealand, on March 25th 2020 when the country moved into Alert level 4 lockdown, we too did our part and closed down the site for the lockdown period.

We had started early works only the week prior and the machines arrived on site on Monday 23rd March. This thankfully made the process of closing down the site and making it safe fairly simple. The silt curtain was removed, the Contractor’s area was pulled in, the machines were shut down and we locked the gates.

Photo 1 – Removing silt curtain for lockdown.

Photo 2 – Site secure for lockdown.

Following the move to alert level three, we were fortunate to be able to return to site – we were also fortunate that it was a fairly simple process to re-establish and works resumed fairly soon after.

Unfortunately, the lockdown has delayed our construction programme by 6 weeks.

Project Progress

Since our reclamation contractor re-established on site, they have made fantastic progress on forming the reclamation. There have been regular trucks travelling down the western side of the marina carting the loads of rock rubble fill as well as the rock armoring material to site.

Photo 3 – Silt curtain re-installed following lockdown.

Photo 4 – First loads of material placed on site.


The Simcox team have progressed very well and have bulk filled material for over 375m along the coast line. They are currently undertaking three main activities on site; bulk filing with the rock rubble material, placing of geogrid to help stabilise the fill material and then placing the final rock armoring to protect the formed reclamation. They have completed the placing, shaping, stabilising and armoring to over 180m of the reclamation. This process will continue over the next couple of months forming a total of approx. 450m of reclamation.

Photo 5 – Forming the bund

 Photo 6 – Placing the geogrid

Photo 7 – Completed bund with armour rock

 Photo 8 – Rock rubble placed to Ch.375


A few facts about the activities completed on site to date:

·        17,000m³ of rock rubble carted to site,

·        1,100m³ of armor rock placed on site,

·        3,600m² of geogrid placed on site,

·        1,020 truck & trailer visits to site.

Planned Works

Over the next few weeks Simcox will start placing the geotextile layer, this is fabric layer that separates the rock rubble layer from the general fill material, they will then start carting in the general fill material to place on top of the geotextile and bring the reclamation up to the finish level over the full width.

As the general fill progresses, they will also start placing the storm water culverts.

The reclamation and culvert works will continue through until September.

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