Waikawa Marine Centre gives boat owners access to a network of boat maintenance and service providers, all supported by a 7,000m2 full service hardstand and a 35 tonne capacity Marine Travelift. At the Centre you’ll find boat repairers, painters, marine engineers, riggers, boat brokers, boat charters, chandlery, and outboard motor sales and repairs. Boat owners are also welcome to work directly on their own vessels at the Centre.

Travel Lift & Hardstand Price List available here

Waikawa Marine Centre Hardstand and Travelift Services

We provide lift out, water blasting and hardstand services with best practice environmental management to protect the environment. This service is operated by our friendly and knowledgeable team at Marlborough Sounds Marinas. All users of the travel lift and hardstand must first complete the induction here

Marina Tradesmen/Contractors

If you are a contractor wishing to work on vessels in the hardstand area, you must first complete an induciton and register with the marina office in order to obtain the necessary permits.

Contractor induction is here.

For hardstand and Travelift bookings contact:
Waikawa Marina Office
(03) 520 3395

For general hardstand enquiries or emergencies, please contact:
Grant Atkinson
Waikawa Operations Manager
(03) 520 3395