We cater for trailer boats at all three marinas with a number of high-quality boat ramps, long and short-term parking, multiple boat wash-down areas, rubbish and recycling provisions, and tidy ablution blocks.

Read on for further information for Summer and for marina-specific information below

Summer is a lively time in our marinas – especially over the school holidays and festive period. The days leading up to Christmas and also New Years’ Eve can be particularly busy, so it’s a good idea to plan your trip to the marina ahead of time to ensure you can get out on the water as efficiently as possible!

Please assist our marina teams in making your time spent in the marina as smooth and enjoyable as possible by checking the guidelines for launching and parking below. Please remember that summer holidays are a peak time and our staff are busy and doing their best, please follow their advice while in the marinas.

Our facilities are only available for car, or car and boat trailer parking, however if you are a permanent berth holder and require parking for a campervan, please enquire at the marina office, where our friendly team will make best endeavours to find you a suitable park.

Paying for your launching & parking

For a daily fee you can launch and park in Waikawa, Picton or Havelock marinas, and enjoy the associated facilities. You can use the “Pay by Plate” machines at each marina, or use the “pay my park” app (further information below) or purchase an annual launching pass at the marina offices. These entitle you to the use of the launching ramp to launch and retrieve as well as use the associated facilities for trailer boats.

Launching Ramp Etiquette

We have a page here which goes through etiquette for the launching ramp in full, however the main points to remember are:

  • Please keep children off the launching ramp. Vehicles reversing cannot see children on the ramp.
  • Ensure your boating passengers wait on the jetty or on the walkway – not on the ramp.
  • Take extra caution walking on the ramps as they can be slippery
  • Boats being retrieved have right of way over boats being launched

Tying up at the launching ramp

A friendly reminder that tying up at the launching ramps is only permitted for while you are parking or retrieving your vehicle. Please don’t leave your vessel for longer periods at the ramp. To respect the needs of everyone on the ramp, please keep things flowing and don’t hold others up by tying up your vessel for long periods and therefore interrupting the flow.
Please also take the time to load your vessel prior to arriving at the ramp, so that when you’re in, you’re ready to go and not holding up the queue!

Short stays of berthage in the marina

Should you require a tie-up for a longer period, in Picton you can use the Visitors jetty or Breastworks area under the coathanger, please note these short stays require an additional fee. Payment needs to be made at Beachcomber Offices or Marina customer Service Centre, across the coathanger bridge.
In Waikawa you can call the marina office and request a casual berth, and in Havelock you can use the Visitors Jetty at end of C pier in Havelock Marina or call the Havelock Marina Manager to book a berth.

Motor Vehicle Register

At times, we may need to look up a registration plate on the NZTA / Waka Kotahi vehicle registration database. If you’re registered on this, we may need to obtain your name and address to let you know of any security or operational issue that may affect your vehicle while it is in the marina. Any person can notify the Registrar that they do not wish to have their name(s) and address(es) made available under an authorisation.