Project Update – April 2021

Waikawa Marina Extension Project Update – April 2021

Breakwater Piling Works Progressing!

Our Breakwater Contractor, Tas Marine Construction (TMC) started piling works in late February and works have been progressing well since.

Project Progress

The breakwater structure includes 264 steel piles, with the longest piles being approx. 32m long. The piles that HML delivered to the site were only 24m long, these being the longest pile lengths they could efficiently transport. TMC have a welding crew on site who have been welding the piles to their design lengths for installation.

TMC have installed approx. 60 piles to date, they have installed the vertical piles to the extent of the northern breakwater and are now working south along the eastern breakwater. TMC test a representative sample of the installed piles to confirm they achieve the required design loadings, and they are installing approx. 3-4 piles per day.

Photo 1 – Welding of piles to design length

Photo 2 – Piling progressing along the eastern breakwater.

Planned Works

The pile welding and installation will be the main activities for TMC over the next couple of months. They will continue with the vertical piles on the eastern breakwater heading towards the southern end. They will test further piles to confirm they are achieving their required design loadings and then cut them off to their design height.

On completion of the vertical piles, TMC will return to the northern breakwater and start installing the raked piles followed by the installation of PE sleeves over the piles for corrosion protection – see Image 3 below showing a cross-section through the breakwater, indicating the vertical pile, raked pile, headstock and precast panel layout.

Fabricating of the precast headstocks and wave panels will be happening off-site.

In addition to the breakwater works, we will also be starting the installation of the new swing moorings in the area directly to the north of the marina extension – see image 4 below for layout details.

Marine Services New Zealand is undertaking the works. They are installing 17 of the 19 new swing moorings, with two different types: Marine-Flex elasticated moorings and SALM type with a large surface buoy.

Image 3 – Cross Section through the breakwater

Image 4 – New Swing Mooring layout.

Reduced Wake Zone

As identified in the previous update, the majority of the breakwater installation works is from floating plant, this includes a large barge set up with a crane and piling equipment.

Some vessels passing the site generate large wakes that cause significant movement of the barge. The movement can be dangerous while picking up the large piles and make it difficult to position the piles accurately.

We ask that you reduce your speed while travelling past the worksite and travel at a maximum speed of 5-knots to minimise your wake and the effects on the piling barge.


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