Waikawa North West – Construction Timeline

Key Project Delivery Dates

  • Early works on the Waikawa North West Marina Extension will begin from the week of the 16th March. This early work will be mainly “on the water” and will include some survey vessels conducting seafloor substrate testing, and the installation of a silt curtain to minimise construction effects on the underwater environment.
  • Works begin: Contractors will be on site at Waikawa from the week of the 23rd March. This week we will see the establishment of a site office and machinery at the Northern end of Waikawa Marina Trust. There will be no public parking in this area. Waikawa Marina Trust berth holder parking will remain unaffected.

Project Staging
At this stage, the order of works will be as follows:

    • Works will start with the reclamation earthworks,
    • Work will then move on to breakwater and service construction
    • The final stage will be the construction of jetties, roading and buildings

Time frame:
Overall delivery of project is planned to be 2 years
Considerations have been made for the busy periods in the marina to minimise effects on current facility tenants.
First berths available summer 2021













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