MPI Press Release – Scallop Season

***Partial Closure of Nelson Marlborough Scallop Fishery from 15 July***

Taking into account the information and views expressed on the long-term sustainability of the Southern Scallop Fishery (SCA7), there will be a temporary partial area closure in place for the taking and possession of scallops in the Nelson and Marlborough Sounds area for the 2016-17 season.

The closure comes into effect on Friday 15 July 2016 and ends 14 February 2017. No person may take or possess scallops from the areas marked in red on the map below.

The partial area closure applies to both commercial and recreational fishers, and gives the scallop beds time to rest and recover. This allows mature scallops to spawn uninterrupted and juvenile scallops to grow, preventing further decline of this important fishery.

During the closure period, longer-term management options will be worked through in consultation with fishery stakeholders over the coming months.

Thank you to everyone who provided submissions and participated in the public sessions on consultation of The Southern Scallop Fishery.

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