Holding Tanks & Discharging

Keeping our marinas, and the marine environment of the Marlborough Sounds clean is a responsibility that we take really seriously. One of the more unglamorous parts of this to address as boaties, is how we treat the contents of our holding tanks for sewage and grey water.

Areas of prohibited discharging

Areas of prohibited discharging

Local bylaws stipulate that discharging untreated waste around the inner Sounds areas is strictly prohibited at all times, and this includes the inner QCS/Totaranui, inner Pelorus Sound/Te Hoiere, Endeavour Inlet, and Beatrix-Crail-Clova bays (map screenshot below).

Additionally, for ordinary boaties in the Sounds with no onboard sewage treatment, It is prohibited to discharge sewage:

  • closer than 500 metres to the shore
  • closer than 1000 metres to a marine farm
  • in shallow water (less than 5 metres)
  • within 200 metres of marine reserves
  • within 500 metres (0.27 nautical miles) of a mataitai reserve.

Pump out facilities are located at the fuel berths at all three marinas in Picton, Waikawa and Havelock, for vessel holding tanks.

Using the Pump-Out Station:

Location: The pump-out is conveniently located at the fuel berth at each marina. At Waikawa Marina this is at the end of Jetty 7W, at Picton Marina it is on Jetty 2, and in Havelock, in between North Jetty and A Pier. As there is only one at each marina, please plan for potential waits during peak times. It’s a good idea to plan your pump-out at a quieter time.

Accessibility: Boats moored on either side of the main fuel berths can access the pumps.

Connecting to the Pump-Out Station: Our facilities are equipped with a female camlock fitting, located on the fuel berth in your marina.

To connect, your vessel will need a corresponding male camlock fitting. The ideal setup includes an internal holding tank plumbed to a deck fitting.

Ensure your Waste Tank vent is released before pump out starts.

Unscrew the deck fitting cap, attach the male camlock, and connect the suction hose.

If you need to acquire any deck fittings, Oddies Marine and Burnsco will be able to supply the correct ones.

A sight glass on the suction hose allows you to easily see when your tank is empty.

Keep in mind that the pump’s robust suction power means your holding tanks need to be well-constructed and in good repair to handle the suction.

Remember, maintaining our marine environment starts with responsible waste management. By utilising the pump-out facilities provided you’re helping keep our beautiful Sounds environment clean and safe for everyone.

Feel free to reach out to the friendly customer service team in your marinas office, if you need a hand with the equipment.

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