FOCUS ON…The Charismatic Pelorus Sound

With a 380 kilometre semi-sheltered shoreline Pelorus Sound has many personalities. It is beautiful and interesting to explore, whether you visit the Tennyson Inlet, Tawhitinui Reach, Kenepuru Sound or the Crail/Clova/Beatrix Bay area.

Pelorus Sound is the largest of the sounds, starting at Cook Strait in the north and winding all the way south to Havelock. At its heart is the Maud Island nature reserve, which has been predator-free since 1974. You can tour the island most summers with Pelorus Tours, or just enjoy its marvellous form from the water.

Despite its peacefulness, you are not alone in Pelorus. Dolphins are popular residents. You may remember the famous dolphin Pelorus Jack, who at the entrance of Pelorus Sound would meet the ships travelling between Wellington and Nelson.

He spent 24 years escorting boats and was even protected by law. His fame was international, attracting the likes of American writer Mark Twain and English author Frank T. Bullen to the sounds.

Blue cod, snapper, king fish, gurnard, terakihi, scallops, and mussels are also no strangers to the Pelorus area – the trick is to get a local to tell you where the best fishing spots are, if you don’t know them already!

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