Focus on…Blumine Island/Oruawairua

Blumine Island is a gem of a place to visit. Situated in Queen Charlotte Sound opposite Endeavour Inlet, it is one of the Sounds’ predator free islands, where you can see many rare and common bird species including Saddleback, Orange-fronted Parakeet and Weka.

Hidden in the island’s bush are WWII military ruins, including two gun emplacements, their observation posts and magazines, as well as the barracks area. Very interesting for history buffs.

The Oruawairua Track has been upgraded so it is pretty easy going, and you’ll have stunning views of the Sounds as you walk (for about an hour) between the DOC campsite at HomeBay and the gun emplacements.

It is 22km from Picton and well worth a visit. You can take your own boat, a Picton water taxi, or a sea kayak.

To help keep this island predator free and healthy, DOC asks that you ensure you check your boat and anything you intend to take ashore for any stowaways like rodents or weed seeds, and that all dirty shoes are cleaned.

Blumine Island. By Richard Andrell.

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