Essential Elements

Essential elements-

Communications equipment is an essential part of safe boating. If you can’t contact someone to say you’re in trouble, nobody can rescue you.
It is recommended that you carry at least two of the following at all times so you can get help in the event of an emergency:
• distress beacons.
• hand-held VHF radio (Channel 16).
• hand-held flares.
• mobile phone (call 111).

For your mobile phone, there are some great apps available to help you out on the water.

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The MetService Marine app features:
• forecasts for all New Zealand coastal and recreational marine areas.
• severe weather information. • local tide information for all New Zealand, along with sunrise and sunset times.
• boating safety information.
• live regional rain radar and 3-day rain forecasts.
• Tasman Sea-New Zealand area surface pressure charts.

The MarineMate mobile app features:
• boat ramp locations.
• tide information.
• local area notices.
• bylaws about lifejacket wearing for most regions.
• boating safety information.
• speed limits.
• towing access lanes.
• mooring zones.
• New Zealand fishing rules.
Both apps are available free from Google Play and Apple’s App Store- and really handy for keeping you safe and organised out on the water this boating season.

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