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Winter Boat Maintenance

Motors these days are pretty trouble free and reliable. That is until you put them in a box with water underneath it, use fuel that is months old, and use salt water to cool them, and run them only occasionally. This is typically the situation in the cooler winter months with your boat motor.

There are a few things boat owners can do that will help save you costly repairs and ensure that you are ready for the summer season.

– Have the motor serviced during the winter. Let it sit with clean oils and fuel.

– Have the batteries checked, water level and charge checked.

– Lift the engine lid and leave ajar so air can circulate

– Wipe up excess water in the bilge.

– Treat your fuel with conditioner

– Check the anodes within the engine, they work whether the engine is running or not.

The above is also the same for generators. Don’t forget the capstan, fresh water filters, toilets and other systems that you rely upon.

Winter is a great time to catch up with boat maintenance. It ensures the summer boating success and will ultimately cost you less in money and lost boating opportunities.

These tips were kindly supplied by Stu and Kate from Boating Marlborough – Phone 5738243 Email

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