Addicted to the Sounds

In January, the team from Ados Addicted to Fishing spent time with us filming a show for the next season, heading out from Havelock Marina, to explore the Kenepuru Sounds.

Hosted by Nicky Sinden, ADOS Addicted to Fishing offers viewers more than just the usual fishing scenes; but showcases amazing cinematography on and off the water providing a back d5E80099F-80B9-4B4F-B1FD-2A6F83CE6DA9rop for Sinden and the myriad adventures that she will take our kiwi viewers on. New Zealand’s only female fishing show host, Sinden focuses on coastal and inland locations throughout New Zealand, teaming up with the local identities or ‘legends’ of the area, who over the years have honed their knowledge about the fishing in their locality.

The weather was incredible, as was the catch! The new season started in March, so tune into Prime on Saturdays at 5pm to see the Sounds. If you miss it you can watch it here.



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