Standard of Mooring Lines


The responsibility for ensuring that your vessel is secured with mooring lines of adequate size and strength, plus for ensuring that lines are kept in good order is yours. Substandard lines can endanger your vessel and others.

We have the following recommendations for well-maintained mooring lines. Please don’t hesitate to contact your marina management with any queries you might have regarding mooring lines or securing your vessel in its marina berth, we are always happy to help.

Size of Mooring Lines

Size of Vessel Recommended Line Size
Up to 6 Metres vessel length 10 mm
6 metres to 9 metres vessel length 12 mm
9 metres to 12 metres vessel length 12 – 16 mm
12 metres to 15 metres vessel length 16 – 24 mm
Over 15 metres vessel length 24 mm minimum


Adequate fendering - Well spliced Lines - anti-chafing sleeves - all make for a well secured vessel.

Adequate fendering – Well spliced Lines – anti-chafing sleeves – all make for a well secured vessel.

In Pile Berths

Shackles and thimbles should be fitted to rings on piles to avoid chafe.



  • The use of Polyester rope, because it has little stretch, is UV resistant, long lasting, floats and has excellent abrasive qualities.
  • Vessels should be secured tightly in marina berths to ensure they don’t swing or move around excessively.
  • Ensure that bow of vessel or any railings or anchors don’t protrude across the main jetty walkway as this is a potential health and safety hazard for people to walk into.
  • Mooring lines do over time deteriorate from being exposed to the elements plus chafe and wear from constant use. Regular checking of lines conditions and replacement as necessary is essential.


Jetty Fendering

Additional fendering of your marina berth is up to you as a berth holder – we supply a variety of jetty fenders suitable for both the older timber constructed marina jetties plus modern concrete designs. For additional information on fenders please talk to our marinas staff, or call in to your marina office where you can see a selection of what we have available.

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