Overboard in the Marinas

We have had a handful of instances of marina users falling in the water from boats or jetties. As we all know, accidents can and do happen but we feel it’s worth all vessel owners and passengers taking the time to reflect on this possibility and looking at steps to take in the event you do slip and find yourself in the water in the marina. To assist with this, we have listed below some key points and thoughts:


You will have noticed that water escape ladders have been fitted to the marina’s jetties. They’ve obviously been installed for safety reasons – they should help you to get out of the water in the unlikely event that you fall in. It would be great if you could take note of their location (before you need them!) and follow these simple instructions should you need to use them:

  • Identify where the nearest ladder is – there are signs installed on the fingerposts to help with this. Don’t forget that although the fixed ladders are spaced a maximum of 30m apart, many boats have ladders installed on their boarding platforms. It’s probably best to take the closest option!
  • When you reach the ladder, grasp the step assembly and lift it upwards and outwards by about 50mm.
  • Allow the step assembly to slide fully down on the stanchions.
  • Unfold the ladder and climb out.

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to have to use the ladders, we’d be really grateful if you’d report your incident to the office.

Other Measures to keep you and your family safe

  • Be aware of other vessels’ bowsprits, masts etc as you are moving around the marina on your vessel.
  • Wear life jackets while walking on the jetties, particularly if alone, at night time, or if jetties are wet or frosty. Self-inflating life-jackets (either manual or automatic activation) are not expensive plus are very comfortable to wear. Attaching a whistle to your lifejacket provides a great aid to use for calling for assistance.
  • If you have fallen in the water, pull yourself onto the boarding platform of another vessel or swim to the rock wall
  • Life rings are available on all jetties – please familiarise yourself with the location of these in your marina.
  • Familiarise yourself with other vessels and exit points from the water on your marina jetty and near your marina berth. Make a plan for what you would do if you did fall in, and discuss with your family and passengers.

Maps showing the locations of Life rings, ladders, first aid kits, and AED/Defibrillators in the marinas are here for your interest:




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