Marlborough Marine Radio

Marlborough Marine Radio Association is an Incorporated Society providing marine communication facilities within the wider Marlborough Sounds area of New Zealand.

The purpose of the Association is to provide safety through communication on VHF channels and assistance to the boating community of the Marlborough Sounds.

Marlborough Marine Radio repeaters cover most sea areas of central New Zealand – bounded by Cape Farewell, Cape Egmont, Cape Palliser and Cape Campbell.

To join Marlborough Marine Radio and gain the use of the privately owned channels (01, 05, 63, 65 and 66) complete an online application or contact their office by email or by phoning (03) 573 8851.

Membership fees are kept as low as possible to encourage everyone to join – to October 2017 a recreational membership is $84 (incl gst) and a commercial membership is $106 (incl gst).  Those commercial members with more than one vessel pay $99 (incl gst) for each additional vessel.

There are some fantastic benefits to joining MMR – including:

  • Rights to transmit and receive on channels 01, 05, 63, 65 and, for commercial vessels only, channel 66mmr-logo
  • Monitored trip reports – Police Search and Rescue are notified when vessels are overdue
  • Scheduled daily weather reports – updates available on request
  • Local navigational warnings
  • A link to medical assistance
  • Tide information
  • Assistance with passing on urgent or essential messages (toll calls and calls to cell phones will be on-charged to the member)

General assistance including

  • Breakdowns, eg if your engine fails and you need a tow
  • Reporting or locating lost gear
  • VHF radio checks
  • Finding a local service provider for marine repairs and equipment
  • Putting you in touch with a resort or restaurant

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