Trailer Boats – Parking in the Marinas

Parking in the Marinas

Easter weekend is here! this always means a rush to the marinas as boaties head out to enjoy the long weekend!  We wanted to take the opportunity to get a quick message out to our trailer boat customers, to ensure that the operations run as smoothly as possible for the benefit of all marina users:

Boatshed & Compound tenants
We’d be really grateful if you can return your trailers to your shed or compound space when you have launched. If possible, please leave your vehicle there too. If your vehicle won’t fit or you have mobility issues, you are very welcome to use any non-berth holder car parking space in the marina.

We have reviewed and optimised car and boat trailer parking where we can. Please note the following:

  • Picton Memorial Park overflow parking areas will only be available to the 2nd of May at 8 am. Memorial Park will be closed thereafter. Please ensure your vehicle and trailer are removed by that date and/or relocated to the main marina car & trailer park. The car and trailers park have been line-marked to ensure efficient use of space, please respect the designated areas.
  • Havelock overflow area will only be available until the 20th of April. The area is utilised as rugby grounds thereafter.
  • Waikawa overflow area is to accommodate car and trailers for 3 days and longer. Parks by the ramps are for day stay only.  Waikawa hardstand area will also be available for day stay only from the 15th of April (Good Friday) to the 18th of April (Easter Monday). While we all like convenience, using the right designated areas assists in reducing potential congestion at the ramp.

Please respect the berth holders’ parking- which is for marina berth holders only (guests and visitors can use “Pay and Display parking).

Tie-Up at the launching ramp
A friendly reminder that tying up at the launching ramps is only permitted for while you are parking or retrieving your vehicle. Please don’t leave your vessel for longer periods at the ramp. This ensures the rotational use of the ramps remains efficient and enables a greater flow of boats in and out at the ramps. Please also take the time to load your vessel prior to arriving at the ramp, so that when you’re in, you’re ready to go and not holding up the queue!

Short Stays in the marina
Should you require a tie-up for a longer period please use the Picton Visitors jetty or Breastworks in Picton Marina, or call the Havelock or Waikawa Marina office for options for a casual berth. Please note these short stays require an additional fee.

Waikawa Marina – Shuttle service
In Waikawa, we will provide a courtesy shuttle service at peak times to ensure flow at the ramp. The shuttle services the overflow parking area, boatsheds and compounds D and C at Waikawa.
The shuttle operating hours are from 7.30 to 5pm.

Marina Parking Maps

Click the links below to see an overview of the parking facilities at each marina:

Waikawa Marina Parking

Picton Marina Parking

Havelock Marina Parking

We wish you a safe and enjoyable long weekend – remember our marinas team is on-site seven days a week and happy to help if you have any queries.From the Marlborough Sounds Marinas’ team.

Pay my Park App

To take (most of!) the stress out of parking this season at our marinas, we now have the “Pay my Park” app available.
It can’t guarantee you the best spot or reverse your trailer for you at the ramp, but if you download the app and enter your licence plate, you have the ability to pay online, and also to extend your stay remotely if you end up staying out on your boat longer than intended!

Pay my Park on the App Store

Pay my Park for Android


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