Link Pathway to come through to Havelock Marina

As well as our seafood, Marlborough is well known around the world for its pathways and tracks boasting incredible views and native abundance. A great number of people make a pilgrimage to our region all year round, to wander or cycle the land to gain access to the bays in the Sounds.

This experience is only going to get better once the Link Pathway is finished in 2019. This 42-km walking, cycling and running track will link the communities between Havelock and Picton, including from Anakiwa and from there accessing Ship Cove. The community should be immensely proud of their work on the pathway, including our very own Rick Edmonds, who is the co-ordinator of the project.

Meanwhile, it now looks like the Link Pathway will link right through to the Havelock Marina, after the community has given its backing to a proposed boardwalk. The Havelock boardwalk would give access across the Kaituna Estuary from the Havelock Marina and Cullens Point, and further on to the Link Pathway route to Picton. The goal is for the 490-metre long boardwalk to be built in 2017.

To download a PDF with more information on the Link Pathway, click here.

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