Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary: A safe haven in the Sounds

Just 15 minutes by boat from Picton is 40 hectares of coastal forest thriving with wildlife – Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary.

Port Marlborough, the Marlborough Sounds Marinas’ parent company, is an integral partner and proud sponsor for this community project. The support of Port Marlborough and other sponsors alike have enabled the Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary team to create an important safe haven for wildlife on this peninsula in the Sounds.

There is a predator-proof fence across the connection to the mainland to stop pests like possums, stoats, rats and cats getting into the wildlife sanctuary. Behind this fence is a dense forest and vegetation is returning, providing a valuable habitat for the wildlife of the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is one of our favourite places in the Sounds, so we encourage you to visit the next time you are in Picton. Free entry is from the Kaipupu jetty in Shakespeare Bay.


Arriving at Kaipupu Sanctuary.


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