Electrical Warrants of Fitness and Connecting to Shore Power

Fire and electrocution are the biggest marina hazard. Lives and property can be at risk. Doing your part to keep your boat’s electrics in order will help keep everyone safe. Marina operators can’t legally supply shore power to a vessel without a current Vessel Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWoF).

The rules are simple: No current EWoF = no connection of the vessel to power supply. You must provide proof of the EWoF in form of the vessel’s EWoF certificate or a photo of the EWoF sticker to your marinas team.

About EWoFs

  • To connect your vessel to shore power the vessel must clearly display a current EWoF
  • EWoFs remain current for four years from the date of issue 
  • As is the case with your motor vehicle WoF, the EWoF only deems the vessel system safe at the time of inspection. A lot can happen in four years, so be vigilant and maintain your entire electrical system in good order. 

EWoFs can be obtained from the following registered electricians: 

  •  Crabb Electrical 2012 Ltd – – 027 229 3388  
  • NZ Marine Survey Ltd – – 027 472 1111

Connecting your vessel to shore power 

Before you connect:

  • Ensure your vessel has a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness (EWoF)
  • Uncoil your shore power lead and thoroughly inspect it for any mechanical damage such as crushing, kinks, cuts or abrasions.
  • Don’t connect to shore power if you find any fault.
  • If you need assistance, check with the marina office. 

Setting up your supply lead 

  • Arrange the supply lead ensuring the lead is uncoiled and not causing a tripping hazard. 
  • Connect the shore power lead to the vessel power socket inlet first, before connecting to marina shore power. 
  • Ensure the socket weatherproofing lock ring is used to prevent water ingress and nuisance tripping. 
  • Test the RCD by using the TEST button. If the RCD does not trip there may be a fault. Disconnect shore power and notify the marina office immediately. 

Before turning the power off

  • Switch OFF the shore supply and disconnect the lead from the marina socket first. 
  • Coil the supply lead and store on board the vessel in a dry area where it won’t be damaged. 
  • Do not leave shore power lead connected and/or coiled in the marina when departing.