Spring Twilight Series Racing – Race 9

The penultimate race in the Marlborough Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight Series was hard fought this week, with the following results:

Waikawa Boating Club Yacht Racing Results 28th Nov 2023

Race 9 (of 10) Marlborough Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight Series

North West 15 to 30 Knots.

Div 1  12 Yachts

1st   Coup Detat2:                    Clive Ballett

2nd  Oldsmobile:                      Aaron Blackmore

3rd:  Flying Fox:                      Chris Williams

Div 2   6 Yachts

1st    Freaky:                              Rob and Mandy Carpenter

2nd   Portafortuna:                  Clive harragan

3rd   Unleashed:                       Dave Kelway

Div 3 ( White Sails only)  5 Yachts

1st: Felice:                                 Mike Willaims

2nd : Bandit:                             David Morgan

3rd Family Affair:                       Dave Roberts

Series Results to date:

Div 1: 9 races to date ( one discard)

1st Ran:                              16.5pts             Matt Kerr, Chris Goodyer, Cameron Doig

2nd Oldsmobile:                 27.0 pts           Aaron Blackmore

3rd Bluebird                         31 pts               Bob and Jennie Crum

Div 2: 8 races to date ( 1 Discard)

1st Reatohi:                             20.0pts            Peter Broad.

2nd Freaky:                              24 Pts            Peter Broad

3rd Portafortuna:                    25 pts               Clive Harrgan.

Div3  8 Races to date ( 1 Discard)

1st: Felice:                           14 pts              Mike Williams

2nd Bandit:                          19pts              David Morgan

3rd Moonspinner 2:            24.0pts           Paul Willaims

NEXT RACE Last in This Series Tuesday 5th December 2023 Series Prize Giving at the Club that evening.


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