Spring Twilight Racing Results – Race 3

Waikawa Boating Club Yacht Racing Results 17th Oct 2023

Race 3 of the Marlborough Sounds Marinas Spring Twilight Series

 South East 12 to 20 Knots(Cold and wet, 7 boats and crew braved the weather to race)

Div 1  5 Yachts

1st   Ran:                        Matt Kerr, Chris Goodyer  and Cameron Doig

2nd  Oldsmobile:               Aaron Blackmore

3rd:   Bluebird:                  Bob and Jennie Crum


Div 2   1 Yachts NO RACE

Div 3 ( White Sails only) 1 Yacht No Race


Series Results to date:

Div 1: 3 races so far

1st Ran                       5.5pts             Matt Kerr, Chris Goodyer  and Cameron Doig

2nd Oldsmobile       7.0 pts              Aaron Blackmore

3rd Astruso:             18 pts               Matt Michell

Div 2: 2 races so far

1st Imagine it             3 pts                Terry Allen

2nd Rehotai                6.0 Pts            Peter Broad

3rd Punch line              7.0pts            Paul Tredennick

Div3  2 races to date

1st: Felice                      3 pts              Mike Williams

2nd: Richocet               6 pts               Pip Maslin

3rd Satin Sheets          6 pts               Tim Armstrong.

NEXT RACE Tuesday 24th Oct 2024

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