Waikawa North West Marina Complete

Berths now available at Waikawa North West Marina

Berths are now available for casual and longer term berthage in our new world-class marina, Waikawa North West, located in the stunning Queen Charlotte Sound.

Waikawa is known for it’s friendly boating community, active Boating club (Waikawa Boating Club) and being located in the centre of the amazing scenery encapsulating the 1500km of coastline in the Marlborough Sounds.

For the first time in many years, we have limited immediate availability with marina berths available. Get in touch with our friendly marinas team to secure your spot now – | (03) 5203312.

Whether it’s for family time, adventure water sports, or quiet exploring, every day is a new adventure when you set out from Waikawa North West.

Build and Design

The Waikawa North West Marina project has been in planning stages for over ten years, with construction initiated just days prior to the start of the global pandemic in March 2020.

Design of the marina considers climate change, with the potential for the reclamation and breakwaters to be incrementally increased in height should this be necessary in response to sea- level rise.

The marina design was also carefully considered, to minimise effects on coastal processes. Extensive engineering and physical modelling was undertaken to ensure no adverse impacts on the wider bay, particularly the Waikawa awa outlet and delta. Use of only partial depth panels in the breakwater, assists water flow through the marina basin, improving flushing with flow-on benefits for both coastal processes and marine ecology.

Te Ātiawa o te Waka a Maui

The integration of manawhenua elements at the northern end of the marina and along the breakwater walkway are tributes and acknowledge the important historical and cultural significance of Waikawa Bay. Historically, situated directly across the bay from Waikawa North West was the principal tauranga waka (waka landing and launching site) for iwi whānau living in the sounds. This highlights the long-standing role of Waikawa Bay as a key access point to Tōtaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound.

Manawhenua iwi of Waikawa, Te Ātiawa o te Waka a Maui, worked with the port’s infrastructure team and consulted whānau to bring various contextual cultural elements into the marina’s design. These elements encompass a toka manatu stone, kaimioana designs on the breakwater walkway, and a narrative informational panel that vividly depicts the rich history and traditions of Te Ātiawa, offering visitors and residents alike a deeper understanding of the heritage of Waikawa.

Community Access

A notable addition to the marina is the “step jetty,” designed specifically for kayakers, swing mooring users, and even brave swimmers to easily access the moana from the marinas’ northern edge. This feature underscores the port’s commitment to making the marina a hub for various water-based activities, welcoming everyone from marina berth holders and seasoned sailors to community outdoor enthusiasts.

Marina Features and Services

The new extension provides an additional 251 berths in concrete floating construction, in sizes ranging from 10 to 30 meters, including some berths specifically designed for catamaran/multihull vessels. The marina caters to the growing demand for “walk-on, walk-off” recreational boating facilities in the Marlborough Sounds, with many new berth holders in the marina having been on the marinas’ waiting list in excess of two years.

Marlborough Sounds Marinas’ customer service manager, Louise Collier is coordinating the allocation of berths, with many already spoken for, but some still available for summer.

Looking Forward

On behalf of the entire team at Port Marlborough and Marlborough Sounds Marinas, we would like to extend our gratitude to Te Ātiawa o te Waka a Maui, the residents of Waikawa, the marina’s neighbouring residents, our existing berth holders and marina customers, the outstanding marinas customer services team, and all the engineers, contractors, and everyone who contributed to this project.

The grand opening celebration was held in early December, marking the completion of all finishing touches to the design and construction.

For berthage inquiries, please contact Louise or Loretta in our friendly customer service team at

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