Staff profile – Darren Neilson

Next time you visit Waikawa Marina you will notice a new face added to our ranks!

Darren Neilson has been working at Waikawa as a dockhand for three months now and has been active in all facets of Waikawa life. Jumping between administering payments, berth/hardstand bookings and learning the ropes of the software in the office while also operating as a spotter for Jon at the travelift with an added sprinkling of mowing and outdoor jobs to be completed, it has been a busy three months for Darren.

Yet when asked about the difficulty of the job Darren shrugs his shoulders and says it’s ok. “There’s a bit of learning to do but it’s all good”. Darren grew up in Christchurch and has been living in Picton with his family for about 12 years. Darren enjoys fitness, is very active outside of work and has been a volunteer firefighter for nine years. He also has a passion for diving and fishing so is relishing working near the water and being able to speak with customers who have similar passions.

Darren works Sunday-Thursday so if you see him in the Waikawa Customer Service Centre, out and about or at the hardstand this Spring/Summer, stop by and say hello.

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