Waikawa Marina Rubbish

Marlborough Sounds Marinas provide rubbish and recycling facilities in all three marinas. Those facilities are for marina customers for the purpose of disposing of boat generated rubbish only.

Rubbish and recycling generated from household and baches in the Sounds are to be disposed off at MDC transfer stations or the Sounds resident facilities located by the Coathanger bridge in Picton marina.

We are pleased to advise that PMNZ and MDC have worked closely together and decided to implement some Sounds Residents rubbish at the East side of Waikawa Marina near the ablutions block, as a test trial to June 2024.

To facilitate this trial, we will be removing rubbish facilities on either side of the Waikawa launching ramp and centralise the rubbish and recycling by the ablution block on the East side. Please use the small wheelie bins for boat rubbish and the larger bins for household rubbish.
This aggregated approach to managing our rubbish and recycling enables better environmental outcomes, and we will ultimately be looking at rolling it out throughout our three marinas. Benefits include:

  • Locating the wheelie bins away from the water edge enables to remove the risk of spillage into marina waterways.
  • Centralising the rubbish and recycling also eliminates the risk of windblown refuse ending up in the water.
  • It looks neater for our customers, as during the busy season refuse can build up around jetty entrances
  • It reduces the likelihood of unauthorised dumping by non-marina users
  • It allows for faster collection by our caretaking team in the busy summer months
  • It encourages our marina customers to separate recycling from general waste

Thank you for your continued support.

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