Covid19 – Marinas Closure

COVID-19 – 24th March 2020 – Marlborough Sounds Marinas

Yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister requires that we elevate our business response to COVID-19. The marinas are today operating at Alert Level 3 and we will be operating at Level 4 from midnight on Wednesday the 25th March onwards.

Our utmost priority at this point is protecting our employees, our berth holders, our marina users, and our community from the spread of COVID-19.

From midnight on Wednesday we as a country will be operating at Level 4, where people are instructed to stay at home. Businesses are closed, except for essential services and lifeline utilities.

From midnight Wednesday 25th of March, Picton, Havelock and Waikawa Marinas will be closed to all customers until further notice, except:

  • Sounds residents – eg residents of the sounds with limited or no road access
  • Businesses providing essential services as defined by the NZ government
  • Emergency services
  • Existing, known and approved live-aboard tenants in the marinas

The services we are closing are popular and much loved by our customers and community. This is not a decision we have taken lightly – it is a sensible precaution to take in order to slow the spread of Covid-19.
Not taking these steps puts additional pressure to communal areas in the marinas eg launching ramp, jetties, ablution facilities, washdown and parking. The extra influx of people means that the risk to marina tenants and our staff is increased exponentially.

So what does it mean?

Access to your vessel
We strongly recommend that you do not visit the marina. Should there be any issues with your vessel which require monitoring, please notify marina staff so that we can check on your behalf.

Launching ramps
The launching ramps in Waikawa, Picton and Havelock marinas will be closed, until further notice.

Ablution and Rubbish Facilities

  • Ablution facilities will be closed off and access denied from midday, Wednesday 25th March
    •  Rubbish facilities will be removed- please take your rubbish with you
    •  Recycling facilities in Picton and Havelock marinas will be closed

Fuel will continue to be available in all three marinas

Waikawa Hardstand and Travel Lift Operations
The Waikawa Marina hardstand will be closed. No customers or contractors are to work on vessels until further notice.
Travel Lift will be available for emergency lifts only

•  All jetties with security gates will be closed 24/7 and accessible by card only from midday Wednesday 25th March.
•  Dockwalk and security patrols will continue to operate on a daily basis
•  24/7 CCTV surveillance will be in operation

Living aboard your vessel
You cannot self-isolate or live aboard your vessel in the marina (except if you are already an existing, known and approved live-aboard). We will not approve new live-aboard tenants. We will be monitoring this across our marinas. Should there be any need to escalate, it will become a police matter.

Customer Service Centre
All Marina Customer Service Centres will be closed. We are open to enquiries by telephone and email, please contact us via these methods:

•  General Enquiries / Administration: 03 5203312 |
•  Waikawa Marina: 03 5203395 |
•  Picton Marina 03 520 3390 |
•  Havelock Marina 03 5742 366 |

Please take extra care of yourself, families, friends and neighbours at this time.
Reduce Contact, Reduce Risk, Reduce Spread

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