Be alert: New Navigation Safety Zones in Picton and Waikawa

Please be aware of two new navigational safety zones when you are navigating in Waikawa and Picton.

5-knot zone – Waikawa Bay

A 5-knot area now extends from North-Eastern corner of the new marina wall across the Bay to the 5-knot markers towards Wharetukura Bay. Please restrict your speed to five knots or less when you are in this area.

From this line out into the Sounds boaties are still required to adhere to the general speed rules outlined in the Navigation Bylaw. The amendment is designed to make the area safer for all boats following the development of the new Waikawa Marina Extension. It addresses the speed of vessels coupled with wake and visibility when approaching the entrance of the new marina area.


Precautionary and exclusive construction zones in Picton Harbour

With construction works underway for the Ferry precinct redevelopment, the Marlborough District Council Harbours Team have deployed navigational buoys around the exclusion zone in Picton Harbour.  The safety of the public, those working in and around the works, and the construction crews themselves, is the key purpose of these precautionary and exclusive zones – so please be mindful of them when you’re out on the water from 18 September.

Please read the information displayed here to familiarise yourself with the zones in Picton Harbour that have been put in place, and keep an eye out for the buoys when coming in and out of Picton in your vessel. These begin just opposite the 5-knot marker at Shelly Beach.

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