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In any given year the MMR Operational team will on average handle around 16,000 VHF calls between them. These calls might include over 1,200 requests to pass on messages, over 1,100 weather reports, 1,400 navigation warnings and 1,050 radio checks for members. Our operators might also log over 3,200 formal trip reports and then monitor these vessels until their trip has been safely concluded.

The Operators will also respond on average to around 140 specific calls for physical assistance, 2 May-Day calls, over 20 calls to Police and follow up on over 120 overdue vessels.
Safety on the water often depends on knowing how to communicate with other boaties and emergency services if something goes wrong.

Joining MMR gives people rights to transmit and receive on channels 01, 05, 63, 65 and 66, which are privately owned and maintained channels available only to association members. (Note: Marlborough Marine Radio Association radio channels and operator assistance are available to any seafarer in emergency situations)

MMR radio channel repeaters cover most sea areas of central New Zealand from Cape Farewell to Cape Egmont and Cape Campbell to Cape Palliser.

Marlborough Marine Radio Association is run by a dedicated group of volunteer executive and  radio operators who have a great local knowledge of the immense Marlborough Sounds area. A daily listening watch is maintained by operators on channels 01, 63 and 65 & 05 during the hours of 0700 and 2200, In the case of emergency, these stations will continue monitoring outside these hours as required.


Trip reports are monitored with police Search and Rescue notified if vessels are overdue, and daily scheduled weather broadcasts made with updates on request. Among membership benefits are navigational warnings, a link to medical assistance and tide information and the ability to talk direct to any other member’s vessel also out on the water.

So whether you just want a weather update or the lotto results, or you have an unexpected need for assistance, it is good to know that the Marlborough Marine Radio Operators are on call for members every day of the year….a great service for an annual recreational membership of only $84.00!

For more information on how to join Marlborough Marine Radio go to or call our Administration Officer Yvonne Beer on 03 5738851.

Marlborough Marine Radio

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