These terms and conditions are designed to help ensure fair access to launching and parking for all our customers. We are very grateful in anticipation of your understanding and cooperation. Please note that breaches of the conditions may result in vehicles, trailers or vessels being wheel clamped or removed. Release fees will apply. 

 Terms and Conditions 

  1. The Annual Launching Pass is designed for rotational use of the launching ramp and car & boat trailer parking for the purpose of going boating. It cannot be used as a car only parking permit or a storage space. 
  2. An Annual Launching Pass is valid from 1 October 2023 until 30th September 2024 and entitles the owner of the pass to launch and/or retrieve a vessel and park a car & empty boat trailer in Havelock, Picton or Waikawa marinas. 
  3. The Annual Launching Pass is one permit only and must be fully and clearly visible on either the front dash or the windscreen of the vehicle. The permit can be transferred between vehicles. 
  4. The Annual Launching Pass entitles users to park a car & empty boat trailer in the clearly marked “Car and Trailer Parking” spaces or designated overflow parking areas 
  5. In Waikawa Marina, please note that at peak times, the 1 to 3 days maximum stay in the launching area main car parks will be strictly enforced. Peak times are defined as 23rd of December to 13th January and Waitangi, Easter, Anzac, Christchurch Anniversary, Marlborough Anniversary and Labour weekends. 
  6. In Havelock and Picton Marinas, please note that at peak times, Marlborough Sounds Marinas use Marlborough District Council’s Memorial Park as an overflow parking area. Those areas will be open within specific footprint and dates. Those dates will be clearly sign posted at the entrance of the park. Car and empty boat trailer parking cannot exceed the prescribed timeframe. 
  7. Do not decouple trailer from the towing vehicle. No trailer can be left unattended without prior agreement with marina staff. 
  8. Any continuous stays longer than 3 weeks in car & trailer parking are to be approved by marina staff.  
  9. The Annual Launching Pass does not guarantee the availability of launching or parking facilities during seasonal peak times. The marinas reserve the right to close ramps and/or car parks if capacity is reached.
  10. The Annual Launching Pass must not be duplicated, altered or cut down 

 Please read and confirm your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions above.